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Pick from our large selection of aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing and custom welded products.

Aluminum fence with palm leaves

Aluminum Fence

Residential and commercial pool and permiter mechanical aluminum fencing. Available in three colors and heights from two to six feet. Many styles available.

Vinyl Fence in south florida yard

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is an incredibly resilient fencing material that is 100% maintenance free and resistant to hurricane force winds. Available in two colors and many styles.

Welded aluminum gate on south florida estate

Custom Welding

Custom welded estate gates, pedestrian gates, shutters, railings and much more. All welding is done in our fabrication shop by trained professionals.

South florida fence permitting

do you
need a permit?

The short answer is yes - always get a permit for new work as the law requires. It may cost a few hundred extra dollars at the start of your project, but will most likely save you thousands in the event of a worst case scenario. If you happen to get caught installing an un-permitted fence, you will be fined and forced to obtain a permit anyway. And in the event that the fence you installed is encroaching on your neighbor's property lines, you're not observing proper setbacks from the road, or you are using the wrong product, you'll be forced to remove the fence and replace it according to proper building code.

As a homeowner, you are entitled to pull the permit yourself. We can refer you to the proper paperwork and instruct you on the proper methods in which to fill out and file the permit request with your city. We'll also provide you with the required engineering documents needed to submit with your permitting packet (at an additional cost.)

How do you install our products?

Pick from our large selection of aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing and custom welded products.

do it

Don't worry, installing your own fence is not nearly as difficult as it may initially seem. Both aluminum fence and vinyl fence utilize modular systems that either snap together or fit together seamlessly. All you need is the proper tools, a little basic knowledge of math and concrete. Our customer service professionals can thoroughly walk you through the entire process all the way from digging your first hole to screwing your last screw.

hire a

You can choose to hire a contractor or handyman to install the fencing materials that you purchase from us if you do not feel comfortable with or don't have the time to install it yourself. There are many viable contractors in South Florida that we can refer you to, including our sister company Power Fence that is fully set up to pull permits for your work and install your fencing products and has over a decade of installation experience.

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